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1° video – MALICA WALK / 2° video – AIRPLANE / 3° video – CROCS / 4° video – ZOO / 5° video – MINIONS / 6° video – EARL AND THE FLY / 7° video – DON’T THROW ME AWAY / 8° video – HERO AND THE EVIL

Softwares used: Maya / 3D Max / After Effects

This is an animation shot created by myself.

Earl is a character created by Mariano Steiner and Alex Angelis

Concept and model by Mariano Steiner
Rigg and Animations by myself

One More Beer! is a short-film did by Pedro Conti, Alan Camilo, me and Lucas Leibhols!

I was responsable for the Viking rigg!

Model by my friend Pedro Conti / rigg by myself

Voice One: “What am I to you, suddenly? An old guide book that you don’t really want anymore?”
Voice Two: “Don’t really want? Then you don’t know what wanting is.”

Quickly animation test in 29 hours + 8 hours to setup look and render…
Animation and look development by myself using Maya!

Voice One: “Dad… if you’re still holdin’ a grudge because I wore Crocs to Mom’s funeral…. like I’ve told you a thousand times, I’m sorry. Mom woulda wanted it that way, she was casual.”

I was responsable for all the riggs!

I was responsable for the rigging of the character and the car as well!

Finally the great studio CLAN VFX released their Demoreel 2012. I hope everybody like the works we did during 2012 with so much passion! I’m glad I had the pleasure to help the team in some works, such as:

TRIDENT – rigging/technical animation
SKOL – rigging
H2O – rigging/animation
SPOLETO – rigging/animation
POLLY – rigging
ITAÚ – rigging/animation
BARBIE – rigging
PETROBRAS – rigging/animation

This was the last job I did when I was working at CLAN VFX. I was responsable for the dog’s rigg and animation. Fantastic work did by the 3D Max team of CLAN VFX!

Mafing of:

I was responsable for the rigg of all fish + the technical animation of all fish too.

This stuff is property by CLAN VFX

Voice One: “I’ve thought about it a lot, and we’ve talked about it, too. I told you there, there might come a time when I’d be… moving on.”

Voice Two: “Yeah, but I didn’t think you meant anything like quitting. I thought you just meant dying!”

Animation by myself

Voice One: “You can’t…. just go around proving things and, and pretending like you’re tough…”
Voice Two: “That’s right, you’re absolutely…”
Voice One: “You look, y-y-you feel….”
Voice Two: “…you’re absolutely right…”
Voice One: “You’re not listening to me!”

Animation and composition by myself

Voice One: “It’s beautiful.
You look at a baby and it’s so pure and so free and so clean and…
Adults are like this mess of sadness and ph… phobias.”

5th place in 11 Second Club

Voice One: “There is no end zone. You never cross the goal line, spike the ball, and do your touchdown dance. Never. It’s not for me.”

5th place in 11 Second Club

In september 12 of 2011, I gave a lecture together with my friend Mariano Steiner at UNOPAR University in Londrina/PR – Brazil. It was my first and greatest experience ever!! I’d like to thank Edson Junior, responsible for the event and Director of the Visual Art course, and thanks for Tribbo Post Studio for the opportunity to show a little bit more about myself and workflow around rigging & animation in TV commercial productions. And of course, thanks everybody who went there, was amazing!!

Model and shading by Mariano Steiner, rigging by myself

Model and shading by Mariano Steiner, rigging by myself

Here is just some studies I did about animation. This is a default Biped Character from 3D Max

Each animation was made in a few hours

I hope you guys like it!

cao pronto

I really enjoyed doing this drawing. With few details and clean lines, I felt that the design was making life and sense of depth and realism.

desenho (grafite)_71

This was one of the first drawings I’ve done with concern the realism of the work itself.



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